sentry home sm

We recieved an email from Sentrys new family with this:

Attached is a photo of Sentry taken 15 minutes ago, exhausted after his busy day in the garden and hunting mice. We have had several small 'presents' already.

He's obviously settled in and enjoying the local amenities.

shelb2 sm

Shelbys new family also sent an update:

as promised a few photos of Sophie (Shelby) who has really settled in to 
our family so well. In such a short space of time she has really become very 
contented with life in a home again and we couldn't be happier with her.
She is  so lovely, well mannered and just loves all the attention she gets in
particular  daily brushing sessions get very loud purring.

As always, it's lovely to get news of lucky cats in their new homes.