This very handsome cat craved the quiet life and has since moved to a new home where he gets just that. His new family write....

 'Dear Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that Baby Alexander (renamed Douglas) has now come to live with us, and he seems to be settling in well.  He is still quite timid, but he seems to be settling in to our quieter household, and looking forward to exploring the garden, although he likes to do things at his own pace!  Thank you so much for your help, it is lovely to have a cat again and hopefully he will have many happy years with us.


Here are some pictures of Douglas. He either ignores the camera completely or sticks his nose right in covering the lens (probably fairly normal for cats), but I managed to get a couple that just about show him in context. Since I took the picture of him with the flowers we have revised the policy of vases on the floor and it is now up on the window sill!'

 We wish them all the very best and many happy years to come.