sentry home sm

We recieved an email from Sentrys new family with this:

Attached is a photo of Sentry taken 15 minutes ago, exhausted after his busy day in the garden and hunting mice. We have had several small 'presents' already.

He's obviously settled in and enjoying the local amenities.

shelb2 sm

Shelbys new family also sent an update:

as promised a few photos of Sophie (Shelby) who has really settled in to 
our family so well. In such a short space of time she has really become very 
contented with life in a home again and we couldn't be happier with her.
She is  so lovely, well mannered and just loves all the attention she gets in
particular  daily brushing sessions get very loud purring.

As always, it's lovely to get news of lucky cats in their new homes.


Sally, who had arrived in such an anxious state and with a new litter of kittens, once trusted no-one and was ready to fight at the drop of a hat.  Now she is a picture of health and happiness.

Here she is looking very laid back in her new home. 

A few words from her new carers: "Here (I hope) is a picture of Sally, who is settling down well.  She loves her daddy more than her mummy,  but then he doesn't try to comb out her hair balls"!


Thank you folks, for giving Sally a second chance.

We have received this lovely update about Diesel and it sounds like he's having a ball in his new home!  Read on......

Hi Eileen, Just to let you know that Diesel is getting on fine and is now enjoying going out to play in the garden. From the outset he was very adventurous and disappeared quickly into the bushes, giving me palpitations in case he didn't come back! However, he seems to have established his territory and doesn't seem to go far away.
He likes company and usually comes running if you call for him or if you shake some of his cat biscuits in a tin. He is fascinated by the birds, and even had a go at chasing a pheasant yesterday.
Kai the dog is still adjusting to having a cat in the house. He has been gradually introduced to Diesel and likes to go upstairs to visit (under supervision) and watches Diesel having his dinner and playing. Diesel is not bothered by him and rolls about at Kai's feet and licks his face and ears. Kai is bemused by Diesel's antics as he chases his favourite toys. Diesel is still living in the upstairs bedroom but likes wandering around the house when the dog is out and goes out to play a few times a day.
Last Sunday Diesel was a bit cheeky! Tom had laid out a pack of bacon with two slices in it for breakfast. It disappeared while he was off checking his e-mail. Diesel stole the pack and dragged it all through the house and upstairs to his lair and ate it up. We found the empty packet lying on the bedroom floor!
This morning I caught him on the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal which I'd left to soak in milk! He's quite a chancer!
Still, we are really enjoying having him in the family. He is such a loveable chartacter and he is so cute.
Thanks very much for rescuing him and for letting us adopt him.
I've attached a couple of photos to let you see how he is getting on.