Ambereyes lived at a retirement village with his elderly owner. At the beginning of May he was attacked by dogs and as a result of his injuries, his right rear leg was amputated.

Ambereyes was unhappy at the vets surgury and refused to eat. SCCR was asked if we could help so he was given Jennys kitten room to recover in. He has now gotten over the trauma and bounced back completely but his owner has gone into a nursing home herself so he no longer has a home to return to.

He is thought to be at least 14 years old but is very active and enjoys wandering in the garden and fields. He is used to a quiet home so probably just adults and no other pets would be ideal for him.

Video of AmberEyes









Update: After a year being fostered, Amber has finally been given a 2nd chance by some lovely people. Being 3 legged and 14 years old didn't put them off and he went to live with them this last week in April. We're sure they'll all be happy together with this delightlful old chap.