Mio (was Zen in Romania where he lived with a rescuer with many other animals) is three, turning four in early Autumn. He is a very cuddly, communicative boy. He would spend his day cradling in my arms, letting me rub his tummy, licking me.. but seems to be only wanting a close relationship with an intuitive, gentle, loving human who understands him and has much time to spend with him one to one. He doesn't seem to like living with some of our cats which is why I am looking for a special, human friend for him.. He is a unique, loving boy who seeks a special friendship with his human. It is important to find for him the right companion whom he will trust and with whom he will form a unique bond. He is very frightened of certain humans due to his past in Romania and of veterinary care. So it will be important to find for him a companion suited to him. I ask too if the person who adopts him might consider for him a veterinarian to whom he has taken and given his trust. She comes to see him in our home. I would offer to pay the difference it might cost for his sake. He has come a long way in his fear and I wish to avoid any trauma for him going forward. He is so loyal and trusting of his one companion, it would be important to find him one for life now without other animals. Though he tolerates a dog and ignores most cats I think he would be happiest as the one special pet and best companion for someone. He is an indoor cat who likes very much walking and lying in the garden so long as it is quiet, natural and safe for him.

If you think you can offer Mio a home then please call Alessandra on
01968 661 711 (07507 883 535)