Sophie arrived in our care in July 2016 She was found living as a stray in a farm along with her 5 kittens. She is extremely fearful and will look for an escape at any sudden noises or movements.

She takes a long time to trust anyone and even once she has developed a relationship, she can still be set off by an unusual sound or event.

Sophie needs a very experienced owner, who won’t be intimidated by her fearful displays and who is happy to leave her alone and allow her to settle in for as long as it takes. Her fosterer has developed a very sweet relationship with her, it has taken months for Sophie to allow her fosterer to stroke her which she really enjoys.

Sophie is roughly 3 years old, she is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

We would prefer to re home her to a loving home with no other pets or
children and a safe outdoor environment where she can explore. She would also probably be happy as an outdoors or farm cat.

If you think you can offer Sophie a home then please call Eileen on